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Systems - Puzzles - Magic - Prototype

Mechanical Magic!

A gameplay mechanic with puzzle solving in mind, but lots of alternative potential too! The magic system revolves around a device called the Illuminator, which has two discs where one chooses the magic school, and the other selects the effect or form that spell takes.For example:
Thermomancy + Absorb = Ignites the target.
Invigoration + Take = Withers/breaks the target.

Current build is a demo with a selection of the designed spells.

Environmental Asset pack by Evgeniya Yaremko.

Role: Systems Designer

Project Type: Student

Team Size: Solo

Format: Prototype, Unreal 5

Duration: Part-time 3 months

Project Documentation

Personal Contributions (hover over!)

Additional Inputs

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Using Blender to make functional placeholder assets.

  • Designing control inputs with UX in mind.

  • Sketching and designing the Illuminator's look and interface.

  • Testing the prototype with every feature added or changed to track issues.

  • Version control using Git with the Fork client.

Systems Design and Iteration

  • Created every aspect of the mechanic from concept to engine, always considering the player experience.

  • Designed creatively, intertwining science and fantasy without stretching the game grammar understanding of the typical player.

  • Reviewed and revisited each facet of the system constantly to maintain a good level of balance for game feel and to monitor functionality.

Project Planning

  • Devoted time and effort to the research and planning stage to reduce the time and decision making needed in-engine.

  • Documented the development process including initial plan and in-engine progress.

Visual Scripting with Unreal Blueprints

  • Scripted the controls and all behaviours of the Illuminator and its magical effects.

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