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Gruttel Scuttle

Casual - Strategy - Colony Management - Cute

Help the cute alien Gruttels save their home planet from incoming rubbish!

Oversee a colony of cute but helpless creatures, guiding them to collect the trash pouring into their land. Using the potent Nana Betsy ready meals from space, give the Gruttels different powers to help them. The more rubbish fills the level, the more stressed the Gruttels will get, and if the stress bar fills it's game over. Endure all the litter waves though and you win the level!

Role: Game Designer

Format: Unity 3D Game, PC

Project Type: Student

Team: TrojanMouse

Team Size: 15 developers

Duration: 8 months

Personal Contributions (hover over!)

Additional Inputs

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Made flowchart diagrams to communicate systems to the team.

  • Collaborated with other designers to plan and create functional level blockouts.

  • Helped to build the game's page and populate it with content.

  • Organised and maintained the team's OneDrive for storing and displaying completed and in-progress work.

  • Often compiled builds.

Game Design

  • Designed the game from high concept gameplay loop to individual systems and mechanics.

  • Created tools with programmers to make system implementation and balancing easier for designers.

  • Worked primarily in engine, knowing the project inside and out so I could easily integrate and link assets as well as assist others working in Unity.

Production & Scrum Master

  • Planning and encouraging participation in Agile Scrum practices such as sprint planning, self-monitoring tasks on a Trello/Kanban board, and daily stand-up meetings.

  • Checking and maintaining that the team and their Trello tasks were balanced.


  • Emphasising upcoming milestones to keep the project on track.

  • Most importantly (to me), caring for my teammates and checking in on their well-being.

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