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Machine Gameplay - Combat - Boss Fight - AI

A redesigned final boss battle for Horizon Zero Dawn.
Download or view below!

This high-level design doc proposes an alternative to Horizon's final combat encounter, with a completely new enemy creature and the intention to have a foe that with stronger relevance to the game's lore and bigger wow factor. To accommodate and highlight the new machine, this also includes supplementary changes to the lore. Download for the best experience.

Role: Encounter + Creature Designer

Format: Design Document

Project Type: Student

Team Size: Solo

Duration: Sporadically over several months

Horizon Zero Dawn™ ©2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Developed by Guerrilla. “Horizon Zero Dawn” is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. All rights reserved.

Project View

Personal Contributions (hover over!)

Additional Inputs

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Creating extra pages where people can view relevant content from the game if they don't know it well.

  • Forming and adhering to design pillars for a consistent result.

  • Sketching and 3D concept modelling the enemy visuals

  • Testing the interactive elements within the doc.

Creature and Encounter Design

  • Forming an enemy that is a familiar amalgamation of previous encounters, but also a unique and brand new experience in itself. 

  • Designing something befitting of the "final boss" title, to truly challenge the player.

Narrative Design

  • Establishing a meaningful bond between the foe/battle and the heroine/world.

UX Design

  • Considering the player experience above all else, particularly when balancing the climactic challenge and player enjoyment of the finale.

  • Catering the document to be interactive, non-linear and visually appealing.

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