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About Me

I'm a T-shaped game designer based in Cornwall, UK specialising in technical, systems and quest design but with additional experience and interests in narrative and puzzle design. Currently I'm working at Ballistic Moon as a Junior Game Designer on Until Dawn.

I have the skill set to develop a game or feature through its entire development, from ideation and pitching to documentation and integration, and I enjoy every step of it! Games and the games industry are very dear to me and millions around the world as a wonderful source of joy, escapism, and fantasy. It's an endeavour I'd love to contribute to professionally. Outside of game dev, I enjoy travel, crochet, cuddling my beloved cats, and playing games (shocker)!

Favourites: Kingdom Hearts II, Skyrim, The Sims 2, Horizon Zero Dawn.

Currently Playing: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Helldivers 2

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Doodles by Naomi Lakin

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